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Broken Pencil reviews Koogmo #6

The fine folks at Broken Pencil have reviewed Koogmo #6. (Thanks, Joshua!)

“Contributors include prisoners in Utah, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Texas, plus one excellent article by a woman not in prison (identified only by her Twitter handle: @lolotehe) on the misery of working only one day at a 7-11.

“The inmates’ contributions range from intense to uncomfortable, the latter exemplified by one man’s tale of glimpsing a ‘glamorous beauty’ – another prisoner’s visitor — during a visitation with his mom and then masturbating later in the shower. Much more intriguing are the pieces by Coyote Sheff that explode with righteous indignation. Sheff lists an affiliation with the Anarchist Black Cross, and seethes over institutional oppression and the injustice of being confined to solitary for having ‘too much influence over the other prisoners.’ These pieces come pasted in stark contrast alongside women’s magazine clippings: department store fashions posed on the beach, Suze Orman, and so on.”

(Read more here.)

Which reminds me….I really need to get working on #8 and get that out the door. Been sitting on it for too long….

Maximum Rocknroll reviews Koogmo #7

Getting a mention in the venerable punk zine, Maximum Rocknroll, is about as punk as I get these days. Hardcore, bitches! Check it out:


And while you’re at it, order a copy of their mag. I love their columns and letters to the editor written by and about crazed, drunken maniacs living the punk rock life. I’m too old for doing a lot of that crap myself but fun to read vicariously nonetheless:

Vikon Joe reviews Koogmo #7

Another thumb’s down vote for the new format of my zine. This one from my buddy Joe (“the old record guy”) at Vikon Village. Found this note left by him at my store today. He’s been a regular reader of my zine since I opened up shop last January.

Sorry, Joe! I’m planning to stick with the skimpy 4-page layout for at least the next few issues. I’m trying to find a balance between informative, entertaining content and the economic realities of sending this stuff via snail-mail hither and yonder to the folks on my mailing list — prisoners, loners, public libraries, and random yahoos who hit me up for trades now and again. Never mind the fact that amidst running this self-publishing empire of mine, I also have a full-time job, a wife and kid, a house with a mortgage, a shop to run at the flea market, real estate to invest in, beach vacations to plan, and off-grid dreams to chase down — while still trying get the words down onto that sea of blank pages rolling through my manual typewriter. Blah blah blah….you get the idea.

Xerography Debt reviews Koogmo #5

“Koogmo readers are a smart, wise-ass bunch with wry commentary on American consumerist culture.”

Indeed they are! Also, many of my readers are doing hard time in the big house.

As usual….more criticism of the low-tech stapled-in-the-lefthand-corner format. Calling it a “cheater zine.” The nerve! Sorry, folks, but I’m keeping it that way. It’s just easier and more in tune with the unassuming, humble nature of this endeavor. What matters is the writing. Fuck the formatting.

Xerography Debt #34 is on sale now at Microcosm. Order a copy today and make the world a better place for underground writers and DIYers.