Koogmo #1

After many long months of sitting around, daydreaming, wasting time and doing nothing….Koogmo #1 is now available! A look back at the best articles from the last ten issues of Whuddafug. Jam-packed with….well, stuff from the last ten issues!

(Oh and by the way….I’ve also changed the name of this operation, in case you were wondering why it suddenly reads “Koogmo” instead of “Whuddafug.” But you’ll have to buy a copy to find out WHY!)


In this issue:


* Lighting of the Fremont Hub Christmas Tree

* Leaving the Nest: Prologue to the Downtown Adventures of Joe the Mongol (Book One in the Book of Hallucinations)

* Autumn Stroll

* Dayhike Trip Report – Lake Texoma

* Rancho Costa Nada

* West Texas

* Meet Nuredin Giayash

* Ship That Shit to Guatemala

* Trip Notes: Cancun

* book excerpt: Midnight Troll — Book One in the
Downtown Adventures of Arim Leunghessarian

* Work-Related Bullshit

29 pages (full-size, 8.511)

Send $1 (ONE DOLLAR!) or trades to:
PO Box 861294
Plano, TX 75086


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