half-assed product review: GSSport GH-561 Boomerang GPS Device

A quick, six-minute review of the GSSport GH-561 Boomerang GPS device, where I show the device powering on and describe how to save a waypoint.

In a nutshell:

— Device powers on to the compass. This needlessly drains the battery, and there should be a way to disable it.

— The lanyard should be relocated to the bottom of the unit.

— Saving a waypoint requires the user to click three different buttons. This should be more intuitive and user-friendly. Saving a waypoint should only require a user to click the same button twice — once to save and again to confirm.

— USB charging cover is poorly made and doesn’t stay in place.


half-assed product review: GSSport GH-561 Boomerang GPS Device

One thought on “half-assed product review: GSSport GH-561 Boomerang GPS Device

  1. anthony Post author

    Took this thing for a walk around the local community college with the dogs today.

    The compass is pretty accurate, but when you’re pulling it in and out of shirt pockets, you need to allow a second or two for it to settle.

    Marked the truck location before leaving for our walk, and when the dogs and I got to the half-way point and began circling back, I powered the unit back on. Although it doesn’t mention this info on the device, like my Garmin eTrex unit, this GSSport was accurate to within 10 feet.

    One thing I discovered, and thought I had seen on another review of this device….there’s no mapping feature on this thing. You only see the arrow pointing you in the direction you need to travel.

    Also, there is no way to enter a GPS coordinate. You can only save a coordinate, so it’s basically useless for geocaching.

    But maybe I’m wrong. Need to double-check the user manual.

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