Koogmo #2

Like a festering boil whose time has finally come, like locusts laying in wait beneath the earth, like an unborn alien baby in the womb of an unsuspecting mother, like passing through a fart cloud in a crowded office and you’re not sure who to blame, like a frozen burrito that has been left out beneath a sweltering Texan sun….

….Koogmo #2 is now available!

This issue has been long in the making, I know, and long in the waiting as well. Apologies to the few of you who have been waiting patiently these last six, seven months. What can I say? Been busy, been lazy, been doing other things. Doubt no more! Koogmo #2 is upon you! Send me a dollar and, lo!, I shall deliver!


In this issue:

* Day-in-the-life reports from a guy with a manual typewriter and too much free time

* Paying a visit to Lee Harvey Oswald’s old apartment

* fiction: Rico and the House Next Door

* Poetry by Brandon Green

* Cover art by the unapologetically pornographic Dexter Cockburn

* All this and MORE….for ONE MEASLY DOLLAR!

27 pages (full-size, 8.511)

Send $1 (ONE DOLLAR!) or trades to:
PO Box 861294
Plano, TX 75086

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