Xerography Debt reviews Koogmo #1

The reviews and orders continue to trickle in. I usually send out a few review copies each issue and then promptly forget about it. Months…in some cases years…go by before it’s brought to my attention that someone actually wrote up a review. In this sort of roundabout way someone sent me a dollar and told me they read about Koogmo #1 in a copy of Xerography Debt #30. Cool!

One of the reasons I changed the name from “Whuddafug” is because people kept misspelling it — “WHADDAfug”….”WhuddaFAG”. (No…no, that’s not how you spell it at all….argh! Ah, well…)

A larger, more important reason behind the name-change, though, is that in the back of mind I’ve been planning to open up a brick-and-mortar shop and somehow tie it in with this zine and website. Koogmo seems like a better name to go with — Koogmo Books…Koogmo Thrift & Junk. Or something like that.

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