Vikon Joe reviews Koogmo #7

Another thumb’s down vote for the new format of my zine. This one from my buddy Joe (“the old record guy”) at Vikon Village. Found this note left by him at my store today. He’s been a regular reader of my zine since I opened up shop last January.

Sorry, Joe! I’m planning to stick with the skimpy 4-page layout for at least the next few issues. I’m trying to find a balance between informative, entertaining content and the economic realities of sending this stuff via snail-mail hither and yonder to the folks on my mailing list — prisoners, loners, public libraries, and random yahoos who hit me up for trades now and again. Never mind the fact that amidst running this self-publishing empire of mine, I also have a full-time job, a wife and kid, a house with a mortgage, a shop to run at the flea market, real estate to invest in, beach vacations to plan, and off-grid dreams to chase down — while still trying get the words down onto that sea of blank pages rolling through my manual typewriter. Blah blah blah….you get the idea.

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