Broken Pencil reviews Koogmo #6

The fine folks at Broken Pencil have reviewed Koogmo #6. (Thanks, Joshua!)

“Contributors include prisoners in Utah, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Texas, plus one excellent article by a woman not in prison (identified only by her Twitter handle: @lolotehe) on the misery of working only one day at a 7-11.

“The inmatesí contributions range from intense to uncomfortable, the latter exemplified by one manís tale of glimpsing a ‘glamorous beauty’ Ė another prisonerís visitor ó during a visitation with his mom and then masturbating later in the shower. Much more intriguing are the pieces by Coyote Sheff that explode with righteous indignation. Sheff lists an affiliation with the Anarchist Black Cross, and seethes over institutional oppression and the injustice of being confined to solitary for having ‘too much influence over the other prisoners.’ These pieces come pasted in stark contrast alongside womenís magazine clippings: department store fashions posed on the beach, Suze Orman, and so on.”

(Read more here.)

Which reminds me….I really need to get working on #8 and get that out the door. Been sitting on it for too long….

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