Koogmo #8


At last….a year in the making (and not much to show for it!) — Koogmo #8 is upon you! Much apologies for the long delay (I’m almost tempted to call it a hiatus). Real life grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and kicked the shit outta me in the sordid back alleys of bad karma, bad luck, and bad living. That particular story has yet to be told. Maybe later. Perhaps never.

But rest assured, I’m always in the background pounding away on typewriters and scribbling on notepads, endeavoring to bring you the finest bullshit writing this side of the LBJ Freeway.


In this issue:

* More flea market stories

* That time I tried to quit my job

* One-act play on solitary confinement (written by a former prison inmate)

18 pages (full-size, 8.5×11)

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