baked teriyaki chicken recipe


Prep time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 90 minutes

— buy enough chicken to fit into a 10- or 12-inch cast-iron skillet
— 2 bottles of teriyaki marinade
— one large onion
— handful of peppers

— rinse chicken in the sink
— cut onion into slices
— place onion slices, teriyaki sauce, and hot peppers into a
mixing bowl.
— place chicken pieces into the mixing bowl and mix gently using hands
— place the bowl in the refrigerator and let marinate for a few hours or

— preheat oven to 370 degrees
— take the bowl of chicken and using tongs, fish out the onion slices and
arrange at the bottom of the cast-iron skillet. Pour some of the marinade
into the skillet.
— arrange the chicken on the bed of onion slices in the skillet
— place the skillet with the chicken into the oven and bake for 45 minutes
— after 45 minutes, turn the chicken pieces over
— place back in the oven and cook for another 45 minutes

Serve with rice. DONE.