• Koogmo is published every few months or so. See the contact info below on how to order a hard copy. Electronic copies are available through the Kindle link below. Alternatively, you will find copies haphazardly distributed throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and other places I happen to be visiting at any given moment: laundromats, Greyhound bus stations, used-book stores, gas stations….you get the idea.

  • What reviewers are saying about Koogmo:

    “Koogmo takes me back to that last, most random, occasionally troubling kind of zine; a zine that is like stumbling over a letter you’re not supposed to see or intercepting a recording that is disturbing out of context. Thrill-seekers should order and weirdos should contribute.“

    Broken Pencil Magazine

    “Occasionally his ideas spill out haphazardly, all angsty and philosophically (think early Rollins), but most of the time, 99 percent of the time, it’s right on the money. This guy’s style, his flair, is that he has no flair. He has anti-flair….I get the feeling these pieces are intensely crafted. It’s really good stuff.”

    Xerography Debt #32

    “[T]he writing is good and the content is typically engrossing. Most issues have a wide variety of content, however this issue happens to be an exception. It starts out with some journal entries where you get a real feel for Anthony’s view of the world. His view is either unique or he just writes about it well – possibly both. Either way, Anthony’s telling of his day to day life and his perspectives on things are the most interesting parts of this zine.”

    Syndicated Zine Reviews

    “…[A]s I read on, the material became more interesting and the writing more engaging and by the end of it, I gain an understanding of the emotion or experience that the writer was hoping to convey. Long story short, I actually end up liking it.”

    Maximum Rocknroll #352

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