Packet of stuff from Steven Anderson, artist and publisher of ‘Dithering Doodles’

I’m always pleased to find something in the mail from Steve Anderson, the creator behind ‘Dithering Doodles.’ Much like the legendary ‘Moonlight Chronicles,’ every issue is hand-drawn and handwritten. Old school. Such creative artistry is going by the wayside in this digital age, which is why I’ve decided to start including them on my blog.

Steve is extremely prolific and bangs out a 12-page zine every month, detailing his everyday life in Salt Lake City, Utah. Some of the stuff is pretty frickin’ hilarious. And although his drawings are presumably just “doodles,” some sketches hint at a greater artistic ability than he lets on.

Contact info:
Steven Anderson
Dithering Doodles
259 E 700 S
Salt Lake City, UT 84111