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Wading into the waves at Hana Bay

Stopping point for the “Road to Hana” drive that we always do whenever we visit Maui. On the eastern coast of the island.

Wading through the water at low tide on a beach in Lahaina

Hana Bay, Maui

Flying over Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head

Going into the water in the hotel zone

Floating toes up in the water on Isla Mujeres

Caribbean Sun

Caribbean Sun

Rotting beneath a languid sun we are as junkies on the nod…dozing…eyes half-shut.
And the sound of waves in the distance. Pulsating rhythm keeping time with each heartbeat. You can feel it in your ears. The hand of God moves gently across the water.
Crystalline blue ocean mother nature. Geologic masterpiece of space and time.
Green-hued pelicans swoop [...]

Occupy Isla Mujeres

Occupy Isla Mujeres

Interesting. I tried entering the GPS coordinates for our spot on the beach, and Google Maps says it doesn’t have permission to use our location:
N 21 15.5078 W 86 45.1655

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