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Boy Scouts of America’s ‘Handbook for Boys’ (1948)

Found this classic at the thrift store for a dollar. Published in 1948, it contains a surprising amount of useful information and advice with regard to surviving the great outdoors. But there’s also a lot of stuff that seems horribly outdated. A few minutes of thumbing through its pages yielded a few gems:

Morally Straight

A loving Scout always asks His Heavenly Father’s pardon before he goes to bed at night for any offense he may have committed in thought, word or deed during the day. This is a Scout’s way of saying: “I am sorry, dear God, and with your help I will not offend you again.” Your own spiritual leader, minister, priest or rabbi will teach you how to know God better.”

Not sure what’s going on here. Artificial respiration or activities that take place in a gay bathhouse. You decide.

On building fires:

Pick a nice evening. Gather together a few friends. Take this “Handbook for Boys” out of your pocket. Follow the instructions for building a fire. Seat yourselves around it. Take out the food and the cold bottles of Pepsi-Cola you packed. Cook the food. Open the Pepsi. Lean back and enjoy yourself.

Here’s how you can enjoy a lifetime of shooting FUN!

If it’s Remington — It’s Right!

Makes shootin’ three times MORE FUN

Controlled Range and Power lets you:
1. Shoot RIGHT

Waste Disposal

All garbage and rubbish should be burned. Tin cans should be burned out, smashed flat and buried. Bottles may be washed out and buried.