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Broken Pencil’s Cam Gordon reviews Koogmo #3

Koogmo #3 got a nice, candid write-up from Broken Pencil’s Cam Gordon:

Abelaye writes in an honest, pretense-free manner that captures a universal ennui in addition to his own thoughts, hopes and dreams. Voyeuristic in scope and scale, Koogmo is a good read for those looking for a random slice-of-life from a life that you didn’t know existed. It’s a micro-focused zine that relies on self-examination in a big, big way and never aims to be something it isn’t.

Also: Another thumbs-down for the stapled-in-the-upper-lefthand-corner format. Apologies to the aesthetes and zine purists out there, but I think I’ll be sticking with this format for the time being. It’s just easier and more efficient doing things this way. (I wonder if people would still cry foul if I started calling it a newsletter instead of a zine?)

Anyway….read the rest of Cam’s review here.