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Cheap shelter/off-grid inspiration: PODS container and a few awnings

Spotted while walking the dogs the other day. Enough to spark the imagination and get the ideas flowing.

Global Portable Buildings – Ultimate 8′ x 40′

Global Portable Buildings - Ultimate 8' x 40'

Some people daydream of sunshine and pretty flowers, fame and fortune, or long walks along the beach and candle-lit dinners. I’ve been daydreaming of living in a shipping container for the past ten years.
Now that I’ve got the property, it’s just a matter of saving up enough cash to buy the damn thing. Easier [...]

Welcome to Rancho Koogmo!

Welcome to Rancho Koogmo!

Today I closed the deal on a one-room cabin situated an acre of land located about an hour’s drive outside of Dallas, Texas. Paid cash for the property. Mortgage-free! It’s got electricity, water, septic tank….and a boat shed/workshop. (Need to set aside a spot to park the school bus and shipping container…that steel roof will [...]

Cheap advice: Author of “Rancho Costa Nada” on how to not spend money

To my list of modern-day heroes — Aaron Cometbus, Dishwasher Pete — I now add Phil Garlington:

He hasn’t had a full-time job in years, and yet he manages to have enough money to eat, buy a book or two, and pursue his main passion: travel.
“I’m as unambitious as a Buddhist,” Garlington said by way [...]

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