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memories of a former existence while passing to the other side

memories of a former existence while passing to the other side

the world’s largest hand

the world's largest hand

“If that’s what his hand looks like, imagine what his….” The women gasped and crossed their legs.

She had the face of a woman

who had spent too many summers selling home-made jewelry beneath an Arizona sun.

weekend photography

She spent her weekends photographing and searching cemeteries for tombstones of infants. He sat in the car and waited

yard work

Our old Mexican gardener. There is a glint of anger and hate in his eyes that hints at the life he may have led before he took to mowing.

young love

He thought cottage cheese was just part of the deal as she gripped the back of his head, writhing. Who knew she had a yeast infection?

Midnight poesy on a Tenderloin night

I came at her from behind while counting the roaches crawling up that bathroom wall. This wasn’t making love. This was desperation.


Dead flies on the window sill. Struggled to get outside through the glass window. Didn’t think to go backward through the blinds. They die.


Business travelers gathered around the reception desk with their carry-on luggage and laptop bags. Quietly, I shuffle by in my hobo clothes.


Only two people were shot and one seriously beaten at the annual “Running with the FBI” festival.


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