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Uninspired and unappetizing at Rolandi’s Pizzeria


Rolandi’s Pizzeria

I developed a sudden craving for a pepperoni pizza, but since we’re vacationing in Cancun for the week, I figured there wouldn’t be very many options that didn’t involve having to head into the Hotel Zone, which is an area we try to avoid whenever possible. (No offense to those who prefer all-inclusive bullshit and lunch and a t-shirt at the Hard Rock Cafe.)

So I Googled “best pizza in Cancun,” and Rolandi’s came up near the top of the search results list. Turns out the place is on Coba Avenue just a few minutes walk from where we’re staying at the Radisson Hacienda.

I came searching for something simple: pepperoni pizza. Nothing fancy. Wasn’t looking for gourmet this or gourmet that.

Attempting to decipher their menu, I narrowed it down to two possible options:

Item #6: Siciliana: Tomato, cheese, red sweet peppers, capers and oregano


Item #7: Strapacciata: Tomato, cheese, pepperoni and oregano

“I just want a pepperoni pizza,” I say to my waiter. “Is that option 6 or option 7?” Completely missing the part where it says “PEPPERONI” on the menu.

He points to the Strapacciata. “That’s your basic pepperoni pizza,” he says.

(I’m thinking: My Italian’s a little rusty. In fact I don’t speak a word of it, but why not just call it “pepperoni?”)



My pizza arrives not more than ten minutes later. If only it was as appealing and delicious as it looks in the picture above.

But no.

The crust was powdery and gave the sensation of chewing raw cookie dough. The cheese was more oregano than mozzarella. I glance at the guy preparing the food, who looks like a pissed-off hitman for one of the cartels. I say nothing and pay my bill: $200 pesos (including tip).