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turtle in the mud

Came across this little guy in the mud while hiking around the Trinity River Audubon Center in Dallas, Texas.

Here are a few GPS coordinates that I uploaded to Google Maps:
View Trinity River Audubon Center in a larger map

Using Google Maps to record trip data

Here’s a cool little Google Maps trick that I recently discovered: You can create a custom map containing specific places you visited. Used in conjunction with a GPS receiver, it’s an excellent way to record trip data for future reference or for sharing with others.
I entered the GPS coordinates I recorded during our latest trip [...]

half-assed product review: GSSport GH-561 Boomerang GPS Device

A quick, six-minute review of the GSSport GH-561 Boomerang GPS device, where I show the device powering on and describe how to save a waypoint.
In a nutshell:
– Device powers on to the compass. This needlessly drains the battery, and there should be a way to disable it.
– The lanyard should be relocated to the [...]

Dropped a zine at Two Guy’s Pizza

Dropped a zine at Two Guy's Pizza

You’ll find it here: N 33 04.097, W 096 42.526
Also left another copy here (behind the sign and the floodlamp): N 33 03.962, W 096 42.566

5.1 acres in West Texas

View 5.1 acres in West Texas in a larger map
This is the 5.1 acres I own in Ward County, Texas. Bought it on eBay sight unseen. Due diligence? What’s that?
I’ve been out there twice since 2007. Haven’t been back since. Some day I’ll do something with it. Park a school bus on it. Or a [...]

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