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99.9% of the litter on the street is packaging. Ban packaging and there will be no litter.
“I’ll take a Whopper. No wrapper, no bag. In fact, just hand-feed it to me through that drive-thru window. Like a baby.”
“Eww. What’s that in your pocket?”
“A pound of hamburger. I’m gonna make spaghetti tonight.”
No packaging. No litter.

flea market

In life, everything is negotiable except those things which must adhere to the laws of physics and karma.


He opened doors to moonlit rooms and languid eyes and knowing smiles. Wrapped in silk he was devoured and never seen again.


Sweet sleepy time dreams. Afternoon nightmare scream. Awake, dreary-eyed. The boss yells, “Get back to work!” Not yet five o’clock.


Schleps, mongrels, and monkey boy hermaphrodites. Shine your light down pustulating bunghole alleyways of hypocrisy. Run those daggers deep!


Of course you’re going to smell like garbage if you spend all your time driving behind the garbage truck! Get out from there and pull ahead! #life #stinks

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“The Devil sends the beast within because he knows the time is short.”

We’ll burn the heathens in the fire pit. Barbecue their souls.

Just off Honoapiilani Highway in Lahaina, you will find this man roasting a pig.
“Hey! You nevah seen one pig befo’?”


Dead flies on the window sill. Struggled to get outside through the glass window. Didn’t think to go backward through the blinds. They die.


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