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gear review: Ontario TAK-1 knife

Quick overview of a new toy I got in the mail today, an Ontario TAK-1 knife — fixed blade, plain edge. Thing came out of the box SHARP as hell. Slices through cardboard and business cards like butter.

It’s a bit longer than I expected, which is my own fault for not researching the products specifications before ordering the thing. Oh, well. I used my American Express rewards points to pay for it, so it was kinda/sorta a freebie, anyway. Tried giving it to the wife to use in the kitchen, but she wasn’t interested. Said it looked too sharp and isn’t the right shape for a kitchen knife. (??) Anyway….

I still plan to use it for outdoor activities or whatever. I was hoping to use this as my everyday carry, but I went ahead and purchased an Ontario RAT 3 for that purpose instead. I’ll keep the TAK-1 lashed to my backpack.

You can order it on Amazon here.

How to situate the Velcro clasp the sheath. This is probably common knowledge for people familiar with Velcro knife sheaths or knives in general, but it took me a few minutes to figure it out: