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Happened upon an abandoned house while searching for land today

The search for more acreage continues. The kid and I drove out to the country this morning to check out a two-acre spot of land. The property listing didn’t mention anything about a creepy old abandoned house. We tried to go poking around inside, but the front porch was swarming with wasps.

If I can verify the utilities, I might make an offer on the place. “Fixer-upper.”




Welcome to Rancho Koogmo!

Today I closed the deal on a one-room cabin situated an acre of land located about an hour’s drive outside of Dallas, Texas. Paid cash for the property. Mortgage-free! It’s got electricity, water, septic tank….and a boat shed/workshop. (Need to set aside a spot to park the school bus and shipping container…that steel roof will be useful for creating a water catchment system…)

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you may have already heard that I’ve been working on buying this property for the past month or so.

I’ll be sure to post updates as I make improvements/modifications to the property. First thing I plan to do is lay down a bed of crushed granite to make a driveway. I also need a writing desk/dining table and a bed frame on which to rest a box spring and mattress. I plan to fashion these out of some old wooden pallets that I scavenged from my job.

Our journey into mortgage-free homesteading, “tiny house” living, shipping container/school bus converting begins now…