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Wednesday evening guitar noodling. This one’s a foot-stompin’ knee-slapper….

Click here to listen.

tuesday evening guitar noodling

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discovered riffs: tuesday morning guitar noodling #sixwords

discovered riffs: tuesday morning guitar noodling

more noodling around on the acoustic guitar

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noodling around on the acoustic guitar

Still breaking in the new strings. Since I’ve stopped using a guitar pick and have gone to a mostly finger-picking style, I prefer to use the thickest-gauge strings available. I think it sounds better without hanging the mic inside the body of the guitar.
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Noodling around on the acoustic guitar after restringing it.

Apologies in advance for the crappy sound. Recorded it using my Sony digital voice recorder with the input mic slipped into the body of the guitar: click here

Our dachshund, Coco, enjoying a little Saturday afternoon Tejano music on KNON 89.3 FM

508 Park Avenue

508 Park Avenue

Lately, one of my favorite pasttimes has been listening to “Texas Blues Radio” on KNON 89.3FM while I’m driving to take the dogs for their daily walk. Sometimes I’ll hear interesting and amusingly unpolished segments on Texas history, where I learn about guys like Sam Houston and Davy Crockett. Yesterday I learned about Robert Johnson.
They [...]

Death In Vegas with Hope Sandoval – Help Yourself [Live]

Using Amazon’s “1-Click” to purchase MP3s (and failing miserably at it)

So today I bought some music using Amazon’s “1-Click” method. I’m usually behind the curve with this sort of thing. Technology….phfft! I didn’t own a CD player until 1995. And I still prefer to buy CDs today. However, with the extinction of brick-and-mortar music stores, coupled with the efficacy of downloading music on demand straight [...]


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