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Cheap shelter/off-grid inspiration: PODS container and a few awnings

Spotted while walking the dogs the other day. Enough to spark the imagination and get the ideas flowing.

“Surely refinement of living does not consist in gadgets and machinery, but in such elements as leisure, contentment, lack of confusion, small niceties.” — Harlan Hubbard, ‘Shantyboat’ Shantyboat On The Bayous 9780813117171: Harlan Hubbard: Books.

In Texas, oil companies pay YOU

In Texas, oil companies pay YOU

Check I received for letting them perform some seismic testing on my property out in West Texas. Fill ‘er up!

Global Portable Buildings – Ultimate 8′ x 40′

Global Portable Buildings - Ultimate 8' x 40'

Some people daydream of sunshine and pretty flowers, fame and fortune, or long walks along the beach and candle-lit dinners. I’ve been daydreaming of living in a shipping container for the past ten years.
Now that I’ve got the property, it’s just a matter of saving up enough cash to buy the damn thing. Easier [...]

Walk-through of my new “tiny house”

First view as the official owner of a one-acre spot of land with a cabin that I picked up for $17,000 cash. It’s about an hour’s drive east of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. I’m going to call this place Rancho Koogmo.
(Apologies in advance for the crappy video quality. This was recorded with an iPhone 3GS.)

Welcome to Rancho Koogmo!

Welcome to Rancho Koogmo!

Today I closed the deal on a one-room cabin situated an acre of land located about an hour’s drive outside of Dallas, Texas. Paid cash for the property. Mortgage-free! It’s got electricity, water, septic tank….and a boat shed/workshop. (Need to set aside a spot to park the school bus and shipping container…that steel roof will [...]

Keith Thompson: Totally Off The Grid

This guy is my hero.

Keith Thompson: Totally Off The Grid – YouTube.

Cheap advice: Author of “Rancho Costa Nada” on how to not spend money

To my list of modern-day heroes — Aaron Cometbus, Dishwasher Pete — I now add Phil Garlington:

He hasn’t had a full-time job in years, and yet he manages to have enough money to eat, buy a book or two, and pursue his main passion: travel.
“I’m as unambitious as a Buddhist,” Garlington said by way [...]

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