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Coyote is my spirit animal

My daughter asked me if I ever pray to God. She’s been on a religious bent lately, and I’m encouraging her to study as many religions and philosophies as she can handle — Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Edgar Cayce, nature, science fiction, or some amalgam thereof.
I explained that yes, I do pray, but not in church [...]

waking dream

I experienced another waking dream last night, where I felt myself being pulled out of my body followed by the sensation of twirling around in empty space. I felt no fear or apprehension this time. Instead, I asked God to show me to my Higher Self and a bright light appeared, like a blinding white [...]

The Buddha, A Film by David Grubin

Watch Full Program on PBS. See more from The Buddha.

FBI arrests Plano man for threats against abortion clinic

Yet another fuggin’ nut-bag:
“According to the complaint, at approximately 8:13 a.m. on Friday, Lo entered the U.S. District Clerk’s Office in the Plano federal courthouse and filed a document styled “Erlyndon J. Lo v. Roberts, et al.” and titled “Motion for an Immediate Temporary Restraining Order Seeking a Preliminary and Permanent Injunction,” seeking to have [...]

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