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Maximum Rocknroll reviews Koogmo #7

Maximum Rocknroll reviews Koogmo #7

Getting a mention in the venerable punk zine, Maximum Rocknroll, is about as punk as I get these days. Hardcore, bitches! Check it out:

And while you’re at it, order a copy of their mag. I love their columns and letters to the editor written by and about crazed, drunken maniacs living the punk rock [...]

Broken Pencil’s Cam Gordon reviews Koogmo #3

Koogmo #3 got a nice, candid write-up from Broken Pencil’s Cam Gordon:

Abelaye writes in an honest, pretense-free manner that captures a universal ennui in addition to his own thoughts, hopes and dreams. Voyeuristic in scope and scale, Koogmo is a good read for those looking for a random slice-of-life from a life that you didn’t [...]

Xerography Debt reviews Koogmo #1

Xerography Debt reviews Koogmo #1

The reviews and orders continue to trickle in. I usually send out a few review copies each issue and then promptly forget about it. Months…in some cases years…go by before it’s brought to my attention that someone actually wrote up a review. In this sort of roundabout way someone sent me a dollar and told [...]

at the PO box: 3-word zine review

at the PO box: 3-word zine review

This one written on the back of an envelope. Any feedback is good feedback. I’ll take ‘em where I find ‘em…

gear review: Ontario TAK-1 knife

Quick overview of a new toy I got in the mail today, an Ontario TAK-1 knife — fixed blade, plain edge. Thing came out of the box SHARP as hell. Slices through cardboard and business cards like butter.
It’s a bit longer than I expected, which is my own fault for not researching the products [...]

zine review: Junk Zine #6 (January 2012)

zine review: Junk Zine #6 (January 2012)

James Dawson is back with another collection of correspondence (from prisoners, for the most part), zine listings, and classified ads specific to the zine community, or what he terms the “papernet,” a sort of anti-Internet where communication takes place on printed pieces of paper sent via U.S. mail. Sound familiar? Of course it does. New [...]

gear review: Leatherman Wingman multi-tool

Filet mignon bento box lunch

At Geisha Steak & Sushi in Plano, Texas. Trying to eat my lunch while recording it with an iPhone is trickier than it looks.
Cost: $14 and change. Served with water and a bowl of miso soup. Your choice of regular or fried rice.

My collection of manual typewriters

Here’s a series of Youtube videos I recorded briefly discussing the various manual typewriters that I’ve collected over the years.
Long live the manual typewriter!

Spec Ops T.H.E. Pack: The perfect travel bag?

Review of the Spec Ops T.H.E. Pack. T.H.E. stands for “tactical holds everything” (and probably a lot more!).
Designed primarily for military/tactical and outdoor use, this backpack might very well be the perfect travel bag. Sized perfectly to fit in the overhead compartment on a plane. Solid material. Excellent craftsmanship. I hope to get many years [...]


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