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What reviewers are saying about Koogmo

“[T]he writing is good and the content is typically engrossing. Most issues have a wide variety of content, however this issue happens to be an exception. It starts out with some journal entries where you get a real feel for Anthony’s view of the world. His view is either unique or he just writes about it well – possibly both. Either way, Anthony’s telling of his day to day life and his perspectives on things are the most interesting parts of this zine.”

Syndicated Zine Reviews

“…[A]s I read on, the material became more interesting and the writing more engaging and by the end of it, I gain an understanding of the emotion or experience that the writer was hoping to convey. Long story short, I actually end up liking it.”

Maximum Rocknroll #352

“Abelaye writes in an honest, pretense-free manner that captures a universal ennui in addition to his own thoughts, hopes and dreams. Voyeuristic in scope and scale, Koogmo is a good read for those looking for a random slice-of-life from a life that you didnít know existed. Itís a micro-focused zine that relies on self-examination in a big, big way and never aims to be something it isnít.”

Broken Pencil

“[W]hat you will find is some straight-up, no-holding back style of writing that you quickly become familiar with.”

Xerography Debt #30

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Node Pajomo
(Summer 2011)
PO Box 2632, Bellingham, WA 98227-2632


We are not Luddites, but prefer a multi-dimensional approach to communication through participatory art. Collages lumpy with audio/visual fragments of the art-lives of others physically exist as do we. So, to quote the philosopher, O. Newton-John, “Let’s get physical.” Blogs and email are tools of gangster Frakenstein dark side tendrils! Resist the passivity!

Of course, I’m posting this on my *koff* blog, but I love the spirit and format of this thing. Various listings for mail-art projects and exchanges, tape trades, and zines.

Maximum Rocknroll
PO Box 460760, San Francisco, CA 94146 USA


Another hilarious and kinda/sorta accurate review from the fine people at Maximum Rocknroll:


I can’t claim to be much of an expert in the punk scene (or any scene, for that matter), but sure…..send me those mix tapes and CDs — I’ll review ’em. And send me some AK-47, too!

This issue contains all the usual pages and pages of punk mix-tape and CD reviews. Love the articles and letters pages, especially. Although I wish there was a table of contents. That “Notes on the Peruvian Underground” plastered on the cover caught my eye, but I can’t find it the magazine. Is it the title of an article? The name of a band? I guess I’ll have to read through the entire thing and find out.

Columnist Shiva Addanki writes: “– my mind’s all blank and fried from doing nothing.”

Heh! I feel your pain, Shiva. Used to be Mondays and Fridays were my days for sitting around doing nothing, but now that’s most days. And I find myself feeling the same way you do, staring down that blank page.

Kudos to Landon who writes in to Maximum Rocknroll from St. Louis (“so many tasty authentic Mexican restaurants and red brick fucking everywhere!”) who possesses the true spirit of punk. He tells of being mugged at gunpoint, but when he explains to the mugger that he doesn’t have any money (or a wallet, for that matter), the guy takes his prized leather jacket instead. Writes Landon: “I hope when you checked the pockets and saw the ten flyers for the anti-police brutality march that just happened, you had a moment. Enjoy the jacket and stop stabbing your fellow poor in the back!!!”

This reinforces my theory that the punk mindset is closely attuned to a Zen Buddhist mindset. Genuinely independent and almost celebrating a non-attachment to things. Perhaps punk, like Buddhism, is the spirit of the thing and not so much the thing itself. Anyway….I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about. Just kind of figuring it out as I go.

If you’re into the punk scene and you don’t already know or aren’t already subscribed to Maximum Rocknroll, what the hell are you waiting for? Order a copy! Subscribe! There’s some very cool shit in here. I’m going to go read the rest of it now. See if I can find that article on the Peruvian underground…