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“Look again at that dot.”

Members of the earthworm stampede committee finally agree on a date to go rampaging through city streets.

“Earthworms form herds and make “group decisions”, scientists have discovered.
The earthworms use touch to communicate and influence each other’s behaviour, according to research published in the journal Ethology.
By doing so the worms collectively decide to travel in the same direction as part of a single herd.
The striking behaviour, found in the earthworm Eisenia fetida, is [...]

Evolution, Big Bang Polls Omitted From NSF Report – ScienceInsider

Sad, sad, sad…..
“In an unusual last-minute edit that has drawn flak from the White House and science educators, a federal advisory committee omitted data on American’s knowledge of evolution and the big bang from a key report. The data shows that Americans are far less likely than the rest of the world to accept that [...]

More Than One Universe? Bring ‘Em On!

More Than One Universe? Bring 'Em On!

From Robert Krulwich at NPR:

“A lot of folks get stumped when they hear the word “universes,” the plural. A universe sounds like it means everything there is and since common sense tells you there can't be more than “everything there is,” universe should remain a singular. A one and only.

But what if….? say the quantum [...]

Stonehenge revealed? – Miracles of Moving Heavy Objects in the Past Revealed

This guy uses sticks and stones to move one-ton blocks by himself.
YouTube – Miracles of Moving Heavy Objects in the Past Revealed.

Mysterious Whale Die-Off Is Largest on Record | LiveScience

Mass death among baby right whales has experts scrambling to figure out the puzzle behind the largest great whale die-off on record.
Observers have found 308 dead whales in the waters around Peninsula Valdes along Argentina's Patagonian Coast since 2005. Almost 90 percent of those deaths represent whale calves less than 3 months old, and the [...]

Report: Central African gorillas may go extinct –

“CNN — Gorillas may go extinct in much of central Africa by the mid-2020s — victims of a meat trade, of logging and mining, and even the Ebola virus, a new report says.”
via Report: Central African gorillas may go extinct –

fuck healthcare. where are all the honeybees going?

From: M.I.A: Bees –
“MERCED, Calif. (AP) — The mysterious 4-year-old crisis of disappearing honeybees is deepening. A quick federal survey indicates a heavy bee die-off this winter, while a new study shows honeybees’ pollen and hives laden with pesticides.”

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