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Keith Thompson: Totally Off The Grid

This guy is my hero.

Keith Thompson: Totally Off The Grid – YouTube.

Dayhike: Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge

Went for a quick dayhike around Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge. It was about a 6-mile hike. 3 miles in, 3 miles back. Give or take. My favorite place to go rambling through the woods (when it isn’t hunting season). These are just some random spliced shots filmed with a Flip video camera anchored to my [...]

Setting up a tarp tent shelter in the backyard (somewhat clumsily and mostly failing)

But I finally got it looking right in the end. Anyway, it’s good to practice. A few things I learned: 1) Need 6 or more tent stakes (two to stretch out the sides), 2) On warm days, that thing’s an oven. It probably helps to raise the back part up a little to let in [...]


Give a kid in Africa or India a free laptop? Why stop there? Let’s give each of them free Maseratis and a year’s supply of Twinkies.

TUFF SHED: Storage Buildings & Sheds | Standard Ranch

TUFF SHED: Storage Buildings & Sheds | Standard Ranch
With my luck, if I built one of these on my property in West Texas, it would probably just be stolen or towed away on the back of some dude’s Ford F150. But still interesting to me. I lived in a 10′x12′ “efficiency” studio in downtown San [...]

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