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Quick look around Koogmo Books

Not sure why my fuckin’ iPhone won’t auto-focus. I’m getting tired of the annoying bullshit Apple continues to hoist upon their customers. Since I’ve upgraded to iOS 7.0.4, the audio is missing from every video I upload to Youtube. So fuck it. I think I’ve got another year left on this AT&T contract, but I definitely plan to switch to a Samsung Galaxy as soon as I get the chance.

Anyway….here’s a brief (if somewhat blurred) video of Koogmo Books:

Flea Market Stories: Lisa the Clothier

Lisa has operated a booth at Vikon Flea Market since the early 1990’s. She specializes in designing and fitting dresses and gowns for beauty pageants and other formal occasions.

When business is slow, she doesn’t bother opening her shop and will instead hang out at my booth or wander around the flea market socializing with other vendors.

She loves ballroom dancing and will not hesitate to display her moves in the aisles of Vikon Flea Market, often to the confusion and amusement of customers who are trying to walk by.

Flea Market Stories: Gary the Bookseller

Gary has been selling used books at Vikon Flea Market for nearly 25 years. My discovery of his shop is what drew me to the place nearly seven years ago. Bibliophiles could spend hours perusing the books lining the dusty bookshelves of his store, which boasts an eclectic and impressive collection of rare and hard-to-find titles.

But his true passion is biblical prophecy.

audio: Randy, with porn and toys.

After the brief exchange with the woman who runs the dress shop next door to mine, I realized that perhaps I had made the reckless assumption that buying and selling porn was legal here in the state of Texas. I’d seen other flea market vendors selling similar items so figured it was OK. To ease my sudden paranoia, I did a quick Google search just in case to make sure.

Just another day at Koogmo Books….