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review: “Quanah” Damascus Knife from

This is a Damascus knife I ordered from Pretty cool piece of steel. Got it on sale for $60US.

From Deal Sergeant’s product description:

Quanah Parker (1850-1911) was among the last of the free-ranging Comanche warriors who once terrorized the high plains. Parker ascended to the rank of war chief through brave acts in almost constant [...]

gear review: Ontario TAK-1 knife

Quick overview of a new toy I got in the mail today, an Ontario TAK-1 knife — fixed blade, plain edge. Thing came out of the box SHARP as hell. Slices through cardboard and business cards like butter.
It’s a bit longer than I expected, which is my own fault for not researching the products [...]

Making a camp stove out of an Altoids can and a bottle of Heet

Forgot to record the part where I actually started the fire. Once you’ve got the steel wool inserted into the Altoids can, pour the bottle of Heet directly onto it. (I used up half the bottle to get the water to boil.) Then I used one of those generic military issue magnesium firestarters and the [...]

Testing out my hobo stove that I made out of an old paint can

Keith Thompson: Totally Off The Grid

This guy is my hero.

Keith Thompson: Totally Off The Grid – YouTube.

Burning a Vaseline-soaked cotton ball

Quick demonstration to show how much longer a cotton ball will burn when it has been soaked in Vaseline versus one that hasn’t.

gear review: Leatherman Wingman multi-tool

Using a CD as a signaling mirror

Quick demonstration of how to use a CD as a signaling mirror. I suspect many people, especially survivalist/outdoorsy types, are familiar with this method, but I wanted to see how well it works for myself by aiming it at my iPhone. Works pretty good!

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