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My old Royal typewriter is back in service

Bought another Royal yesterday at Lulu B’s in Dallas just so I could scavenge the metal ribbon spool and use it in my old desktop Royal. I didn’t discover until I brought it home that it only types capital letters. The font is a kind of Art Deco style. Maybe good for typing up postcards or invitations, but not so good for day-to-day writing and correspondence.


Couldn’t figure out how to get the spool working, but thanks to this video, I discovered I had the ribbon wound incorrectly.

And my old Royal is back in service. Twenty years ago, I found it tossed out with the trash outside my first apartment in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district. I’m guessing this tank of a machine is nearly seventy years old and is probably good for another seventy years or so. I have little doubt it will outlast desktop PCs, laptop computers, tablets, and smartphones.