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Donald Rumsfeld will be appearing in Plano, Texas on November 18th

Donald Rumsfeld will be speaking at Collin County Community College on November 18th out here in Plano, Texas. He’s here to promote his new book, ‘How I Killed Thousands of Innocent Iraqis and Got Away With It.’ (That’s not the actual title, but it’s the basic gist of it.)

I’m at this school just about every day, taking the dogs out for their daily walks and shits. It’s not more than two miles from our house. A shame we’re going to be in Cancun on that date. I would have been tempted to make a citizen’s arrest for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Or maybe leave a few strategically placed dog turds for him and his entourage to step in. I imagine he’ll be visiting his good friend, George W. Bush, who lives just down the street off Preston Road in hoity-toity North Dallas.

You can buy your tickets to the event here: NewsRadio 1080 KRLD’s Speaker Series Presents Donald Rumsfeld.

Strangely, Collin College makes no mention of Rumsfeld’s appearance on their event calendar. I wonder if they simply forgot to update it or if they’re trying to keep his appearance under the radar to avoid any controversy?