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“The value of a pleasing, well-modulated voice cannot be estimated.”

A few pointers from the young working woman’s classic:

“The value of a pleasing, well-modulated voice cannot be estimated. In telephone conversations especially, the listener’s impression is founded solely on the tone and quality of the speaker’s voice.”

“The letter of application written by this young woman has won favorable attention. A personal interview was the result.”

I love finding these old, outdated books in thrift stores. I think I’ll start collecting them and keep them in a special spot on the bookshelf. Just for laughs.

finding bones

If I find something that looks like a bone, I’ll throw it to the dogs and let them fight it out. If it turns out not to be a bone, so be it.

There will always be more bones to find. This has always been my work philosophy.

Don’t complain that this one doesn’t have enough meat on it or that one had the marrow sucked out. I find what I find and offer it up freely.