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Xerography Debt reviews Koogmo #5

“Koogmo readers are a smart, wise-ass bunch with wry commentary on American consumerist culture.”

Indeed they are! Also, many of my readers are doing hard time in the big house.

As usual….more criticism of the low-tech stapled-in-the-lefthand-corner format. Calling it a “cheater zine.” The nerve! Sorry, folks, but I’m keeping it that way. It’s just easier and more in tune with the unassuming, humble nature of this endeavor. What matters is the writing. Fuck the formatting.

Xerography Debt #34 is on sale now at Microcosm. Order a copy today and make the world a better place for underground writers and DIYers.



Xerography Debt reviews Koogmo #1

The reviews and orders continue to trickle in. I usually send out a few review copies each issue and then promptly forget about it. Months…in some cases years…go by before it’s brought to my attention that someone actually wrote up a review. In this sort of roundabout way someone sent me a dollar and told me they read about Koogmo #1 in a copy of Xerography Debt #30. Cool!

One of the reasons I changed the name from “Whuddafug” is because people kept misspelling it — “WHADDAfug”….”WhuddaFAG”. (No…no, that’s not how you spell it at all….argh! Ah, well…)

A larger, more important reason behind the name-change, though, is that in the back of mind I’ve been planning to open up a brick-and-mortar shop and somehow tie it in with this zine and website. Koogmo seems like a better name to go with — Koogmo Books…Koogmo Thrift & Junk. Or something like that.