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Quick look around Koogmo Books

Not sure why my fuckin’ iPhone won’t auto-focus. I’m getting tired of the annoying bullshit Apple continues to hoist upon their customers. Since I’ve upgraded to iOS 7.0.4, the audio is missing from every video I upload to Youtube. So fuck it. I think I’ve got another year left on this AT&T contract, but I [...]

review: “Quanah” Damascus Knife from

This is a Damascus knife I ordered from Pretty cool piece of steel. Got it on sale for $60US.

From Deal Sergeant’s product description:

Quanah Parker (1850-1911) was among the last of the free-ranging Comanche warriors who once terrorized the high plains. Parker ascended to the rank of war chief through brave acts in almost constant [...]

Dictionary pet peeve: “windowsill”

Anyone who spends time with the written word knows how valuable it is to have a good set of dictionaries. Webster’s Unabridged, you failed. I’ll be sticking with my American Heritage dictionary from here on out.

Writing desk made from recycled wooden pallets

I needed a writing desk/dining table for the cabin. It would have been easier and less time-consuming to just buy a cheap-ass folding table from one of the big-box office stores or scrounge one from a local thrift shop, but as I was leaving work one day I discovered a pile of wooden pallets out [...]

book review: The Complete Book of Outdoor Lore (4th printing: 1966)

Found this gem at the thrift store for sixty cents (sixty-five cents after tax). Do they even sell burlap sacks or potato sacks anymore?

Silk worm web at Cooper Lake

Walk-through of my new “tiny house”

First view as the official owner of a one-acre spot of land with a cabin that I picked up for $17,000 cash. It’s about an hour’s drive east of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. I’m going to call this place Rancho Koogmo.
(Apologies in advance for the crappy video quality. This was recorded with an iPhone 3GS.)

gear review: Ontario TAK-1 knife

Quick overview of a new toy I got in the mail today, an Ontario TAK-1 knife — fixed blade, plain edge. Thing came out of the box SHARP as hell. Slices through cardboard and business cards like butter.
It’s a bit longer than I expected, which is my own fault for not researching the products [...]

Dead baby squirrel on the side of the road

Dead baby squirrel on the side of the road

Was out walking the dogs and came across this little guy. Looks like he’d been mauled. A patch of skin was torn off his scalp, and there were scrape (or bite) marks all over his body.

Making a camp stove out of an Altoids can and a bottle of Heet

Forgot to record the part where I actually started the fire. Once you’ve got the steel wool inserted into the Altoids can, pour the bottle of Heet directly onto it. (I used up half the bottle to get the water to boil.) Then I used one of those generic military issue magnesium firestarters and the [...]


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