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Taking the dogs for a walk with a camera attached to the side of my head

Bought a Sony HDR-AS30 “action” camera the other day. Paid a little over $200 for the device plus the headset accessory at Best Buy.

The fully-charged battery only gives you about one hour’s worth of recording time, though you could likely save battery life by disabling the Wi-Fi, GPS, and USB options.

Quick look around Koogmo Books

Not sure why my fuckin’ iPhone won’t auto-focus. I’m getting tired of the annoying bullshit Apple continues to hoist upon their customers. Since I’ve upgraded to iOS 7.0.4, the audio is missing from every video I upload to Youtube. So fuck it. I think I’ve got another year left on this AT&T contract, but I definitely plan to switch to a Samsung Galaxy as soon as I get the chance.

Anyway….here’s a brief (if somewhat blurred) video of Koogmo Books:

review: “Quanah” Damascus Knife from DealSergeant.com

This is a Damascus knife I ordered from DealSergeant.com. Pretty cool piece of steel. Got it on sale for $60US.

From Deal Sergeant’s product description:

Quanah Parker (1850-1911) was among the last of the free-ranging Comanche warriors who once terrorized the high plains. Parker ascended to the rank of war chief through brave acts in almost constant warfare with Anglos and other Indian nations. But Parker was more than a warrior, he founded the Peyote Religion, and was an influential political leader; negotiating peace with the US that spared his people the indignities heaped on other nations that fought back.

The combination of Rain drop Damascus and marble horn handle gives this VVV Gear Comanche “Quanah” Damascus Knife a majestic look and solid hand. Whether worn on your belt during your next big game hunt or under glass as a show piece, this Damascus blade won’t disappoint! Includes a full grain, hand stitched leather sheath.


Overall Length: 9”
Handle Length: 4.5”
Blade Length: 4.5”
Blade Material: Damascus Steel
Blade thickness: 4.5mm
Damascus pattern: Rain drop
Number of layers: 264
Grind: Secondary bevel
Handle Material: Marble horn, walnut, brass
Includes: hand stitched full grain leather sheath with belt loop

What is Damascus steel?

Damascus, also known as “pattern welded steel”, is the result of combining at least two different types of steel to achieve a certain functional quality or a desired aesthetic.

How is it made?

Damascus steel is made by layering three different types of steel, each of which harden and temper in the same range, into a “steel sandwich”. This “sandwich” is placed in a hot forge, where the steel becomes plastic-like and pliable.

This steel sandwich is then placed into a hydraulic press where the steel molecules actually migrate back and forth across layers, fusing and bonding the steel together.

The result is a single billet that is stretched and manipulated to create desired patterns and/or a desired layer count; sometimes with as many as 10,000 layers.

Making Damascus steel a unique and highly sought after work of art.

Note: These are custom blades, each is unique. There will be variations between product delivered and product image. These images are random sampling of available inventory.

Historically, Native Americans have the highest record of military service, per capita, when compared with other ethnic groups. Native Americans have distinctive cultural values which drive them to serve their country. One such value is their proud warrior tradition. The warrior tradition is best exemplified by the following qualities inherent to most, if not all, Native American societies – serving with strength, honor, pride, courage, and distinction. It is because of these values and their rich warrior traditions, that these handmade custom Damascus blades bear the name of some of America’s most fierce native tribes. -Sarge

VVV Gear products are designed to blend functionality and comfort with rugged good looks. VVV stands behind every one of their products, bringing you an industry standard for quality, value and customer service.