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Finally getting around to responding to six month’s worth of correspondence and submissions. Apologies for the delay.

Finally getting around to responding to six month's worth of correspondence and submissions. Apologies for the delay.

Maximum Rocknroll reviews Koogmo #7

Maximum Rocknroll reviews Koogmo #7

Getting a mention in the venerable punk zine, Maximum Rocknroll, is about as punk as I get these days. Hardcore, bitches! Check it out:

And while you’re at it, order a copy of their mag. I love their columns and letters to the editor written by and about crazed, drunken maniacs living the punk rock [...]

Vikon Joe reviews Koogmo #7

Vikon Joe reviews Koogmo #7

Another thumb’s down vote for the new format of my zine. This one from my buddy Joe (“the old record guy”) at Vikon Village. Found this note left by him at my store today. He’s been a regular reader of my zine since I opened up shop last January.
Sorry, Joe! I’m planning to stick [...]

Xerography Debt reviews Koogmo #5

Xerography Debt reviews Koogmo #5

“Koogmo readers are a smart, wise-ass bunch with wry commentary on American consumerist culture.”

Indeed they are! Also, many of my readers are doing hard time in the big house.
As usual….more criticism of the low-tech stapled-in-the-lefthand-corner format. Calling it a “cheater zine.” The nerve! Sorry, folks, but I’m keeping it that way. It’s just easier [...]

Koogmo #7

Koogmo #7

Beginning with this issue, I’ll be experimenting with a smaller, tri-fold format, mostly written with a manual typewriter and mostly cut ‘n pasted, literally, with glue stick and scissors. Easier for mailing to my regular subscribers, many of whom are doing time in the big house. Also trying to get away from that generic “created [...]

Koogmo #6

Koogmo #6

In this issue:
* Prison poetry by Brandon Green, Coyote Sheff, Vernon Maulsby, and Randy Jakobetz
* A day in the life of a 7-Eleven employee by mira.eighteen (aka @lolotehe)
* More flea market stories! Never one to shy away from controversy, I have compiled further dispatches from the front lines at Vikon Village.
* Random stuff pounded [...]

Maximum Rocknroll reviews Koogmo #5

Maximum Rocknroll reviews Koogmo #5

Another fine write-up (this one for Koogmo #5) in the latest issue of Maximum Rocknroll #364:

What reviewers are saying about Koogmo

“[T]he writing is good and the content is typically engrossing. Most issues have a wide variety of content, however this issue happens to be an exception. It starts out with some journal entries where you get a real feel for Anthony’s view of the world. His view is either unique or he just writes about [...]

Koogmo #5

Koogmo #5

School’s nearly out. Time for summer vacation and running naked through crowded city streets. Koogmo #5 is upon you! Stock up on your copy now. Buy one, buy ten! Load ‘em up into derelict picnic baskets and head OUTDOORS.

In this issue:
– flea market stories
– Farewell to Coco
– fiction: Reunion
– plus the usual zine reviews [...]

Broken Pencil’s Cam Gordon reviews Koogmo #3

Koogmo #3 got a nice, candid write-up from Broken Pencil’s Cam Gordon:

Abelaye writes in an honest, pretense-free manner that captures a universal ennui in addition to his own thoughts, hopes and dreams. Voyeuristic in scope and scale, Koogmo is a good read for those looking for a random slice-of-life from a life that you didn’t [...]


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