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Koogmo #9

In this issue:

* Incredible Inquiry’s Al Fry reminisces about antediluvian minerals in the Nevada desert.

* Vikon Joe’s strange encounters with his friendly neighborhood mailman.

* Channeled wisdom from the Paul Solomon Source Readings.

* Letters and poetry from prisoners

* (Much, much more! So much more, I’m surprised it hasn’t already been mentioned on the evening news!)

20 pages (full-size, 8.5×11)

Send $1 (ONE DOLLAR!) or trades to:

PO Box 861294
Plano, TX 75086

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Xerography Debt reviews Koogmo #2

Googled my zine and came across an old review of Koogmo #2 from fours years ago. It was written up in Xerography Debt #32 by one of my zinester friends, Ken Bausert, who is a fine writer and prolific zine publisher in his own right (see: the Ken Bausert Chronicles).

I remember receiving a note from him a few years back telling me he’d written up a review of one of my issues, and then I promptly forgot about it. I’m one of those kinds of writers where once I’ve written a thing, that thing is purged from my system, released into the world, and I no longer feel any attachment to it. Like a note played on an electric guitar in a stadium in front of 60,000 intoxicated people. Like someone who died and has passed to the other side who, although recalling his previously life fondly and with amusement, knows he must move on to other things. This is how I feel about things I write. Just let it go. More words will come.

But it’s nice to see someone praise your work. Even though I don’t recall what I had written. I think I’ve got an extra copy in the file cabinet. Maybe I’ll re-read it.

Thanks, Ken! And if you ever get around to seeing this on the great wide web of the Internet….yes, I am still writing and I am still planning to release another issue of Koogmo. Just not sure when. I’ve put many words to the page since the last issue, but nothing particularly worthy of being published, I don’t think. But soon.